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When You've Hit A Dry Spell

with your words

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Have you ever experienced those times when the words refuse to come out and play with you? The blank page, the blinking cursor taunts you as your brain or heart tries to emerge some freaking kind of emotion or thought onto the page. But to no avail.




Blankness becomes your friend. It’s extremely frustrating.

This is what I’ve been going through. And the funny thing is, my brain is constantly creating stories and ideas in my head, but when I sit down to write…poof. Gone.

And I wonder, am I broken?

I see all my writer friends post piece after piece Medium and other online platforms, and I ask myself, how do they all have the time? Between my day job, taking care of a family, getting my kid ready for the new school year and fighting all the crowded places in my brain, I’m spent.

My Inner Critic whispers sly doubts into my ear, but we’ve played this game before, and I’m not feeding into it. Nope, not this time. My muse jumps on my shoulder, hands on hips, ready to defend me. I feel like going after my Inner Critic like that Fairy in the movie Bright.

Don’t worry, I contain myself.


But I’ve realized that I’ve hit a dry spell…with my words. It’s been like the Mohave Desert. Little bursts of inspiration come, getting the creative juices flowing, and then some excuse, obstacle or insecurity pops up and…BAM. Full stop. I mean, come on! Enough is enough already.

This is the time where I stop and allow myself a little grace. I stop comparing myself to others and remind myself that my journey is my own. I surrender and work on releasing any and all judgement. I freaking relax.

For me, I find the current times chaotic. The world is being pulled into so many directions, as is humanity. I’m overwhelmed with the War of Words flashing across screens everywhere. The divisiveness and fear.

It’s time to go within and ground. It’s time to remember that I am a creative being. I stop trying to force my words and sit back and allow them to come to me.

And it’s hard. The more vulnerable I feel, the more repressed and agitated, the more I want to control things. This leads to stress and that is no place for creation.

I consciously have to remind myself to relax and trust in my connection to my words.

So, if I have to give myself a little time out, that’s okay.

The words will find me when I’m ready. And the dry spell? I’ll know when the time is right to end it.

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© 2021 A.N. Tipton

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