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Drum Circle

Magic Maker

Image by Christine V Myers at The Fluid Soul

pulsating drums


a universal heartbeat

resonating to the earth’s cadence

octaves of vibration

cleanses throughout

light bodies


the very cells

that make us


echoing off

double helixes


energetic ripples

extending out 360°

in this ancient dance

activating cells

mini light explosions

flying with the stars

yet still on our earthly plane


a product of both

in the crescendo of

deafening heartbeats

opening, surrendering, releasing

through this vortex

in the making

heed the call

of her voice

Drummer Woman

Magic Maker


merging dual realities

into oneness

this infinite moment


thunder slows

to raindrops

rattles calm

to silence

where reverence replaces

sacred chaos


bright in connection

flowing through the

spinning rainbow

up over the Torus field

down to soles of feet


yet elevated

feathers fluttering

from drums

dancing in this circle


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